A Homeowner's Guide To Ductless

Tips for operating your new energy-efficient heating and cooling system

  1. Set The System To "Heat" or "Cool" Mode - In the Northwest the auto modes does not provide the most efficient and comfortable operation. Se tthe system to HEAT mode during the cooler months and COOL mode during the warmer months. If you have multi-zone indoor units, set them all to operate in the same mode. For instance, if you are operating in HEAT mode during the cooler months, set all units to HEAT mode.
  2. Use The "Auto" Fan Speed Setting - As indoor and outdoor conditions change, your unit automatically uses the optimal fan speed. Achieve more energy savings by using the AUTO fan speed setting instead of other settings (typically quiet, low, medium and high).
  3. Set The Temperature - Depending on the location of your ductless system, you may need to set the temperature slightly higher or lower than the desired temperature in the room to meet your comfort needs. Think of the remote's temperature setting as a comfort setting rather than the exact temperature desired.
  4. Avoid Adjusting The Temperature Setting - Ductless systems are designed to adjust to changing conditions automatically and efficiently. Once you find a comfortable temperature setting, avoid changing the setting or turning the unit off. Limiting adjustments may lead to more energy savings.

Heating and Cooling Operation Guidelines

  1. Determine The "Effective Zone" - The total area served by the ductless system is called the "effective zone", an area that likely extends beyond the room where the unit is located. Depending on the size of your system, your comofrt needs and the configuration of your home, you may increase the size of the effective zone by opening doors between rooms. If you prefer to isolate an adjacent room, you can close doors as needed.
  2. Defrost Function - The coil on the outdoor unit may accumulate frost during cold weather. This is a normal occurrence and your ductless system will defrost automatically while continuing to operate efficiently. During the defrost process, the indoor unit stops producing heat and a light may turn on or start blinking. You may notice water below or around the outdoor unit during this process. These occurrences are normal; do not try to override this process. At the end of the defrost process (typically 5 to 15 minutes), the unit will return to heating mode.
  3. Let the Ductless System Do The Work - Use the ductless system as the primary heating and cooling source in the effective zone to maximize benefits. This will help maintain comfort and ensure that the unit performs most efficiently. Two things to consider: When heating your home, rooms outside the effective zone should have "backup" heat with thermostats set at 5 degrees F to 15 degrees F colder than the ductless system's temperature setting. AND when cooling your home , rooms outside the effective zone with "backup" air conditioning should be set slightly warmer than the ductless system's temperature setting. In severe weather, make temperature adjustments to provide optimal comfort.In extremely cold weather, the ductless system may not be able to provide desired comfort levels to all areas of the effective zone. To maintain comfort in these cases, you should temporarily: a) Increase the thermostat setting on "backup" heat outside of the effective zone as needed b) Reduce the size of the effective zone by closing doors to unused portions of the house.

Maintenance Guidelines For Your Ductless Heat Pump

  1. Clean The Filters - As ductless heating and cooling systems operate, they circulate and filter the air in your home. These filters need to be cleaned several times a year to optimize the performance of your system. Filters are quick and easy to clean and cleaning frequency depends on the condition of use. Please refer to your operation manual for details.
  2. Sounds - In addition to the low-level fan sound (both indoor and outdoor units), you may also hear "whirring," "clicking" or the sound of rushing fluid. These sounds are the result of thermal expansion, refrigerant movement or mechanical parts and are normal. As you encounter these sounds, please refer to the operation manual for additional details. Contact your contractor if you are concerned.
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